Lynette Hershler

My earliest memories are dancing and gymnastics at the age of 5 in my home town of Cape Town, South Africa. By late teens I was both teaching and performing dance.

I emigrated to the USA in the mid eighties when I left behind dance and entered the world of business for a number of years.Stresses of balancing both work and family led me to the path of Yoga and later Pilates. My Pilates practice while a client was the catalyst and springboard to my becoming a Pilates and later a yoga teacher.

I fortuitously was trained under the supervision of Trish garland at garland Pilates studio in Los Angeles both as a client and later a student teacher. Together MY extensive training included seminars and lessons at true Pilates in New York City led to my teacher certification. True Pilates proudly traces its roots back to the original Pilates studio founded and run by Joseph and Clara Pilates.

The practice of yoga ignited the flame within me, which triggered this wonderful journey for over twenty years culminating in finding my home where I currently teach at Bhakti Yoga Shala. 

Practicing under the loving guidance of Govind Das and Radha and inspired by other teachers led to the natural progression of completing both the kirtan and yoga teacher training programs. I have subsequently travelled to India which unveiled and deepened my knowledge of this ancient and holistic practice.

The two practices yoga and Pilates have married so well as my initial practice was yoga. Pilates amongst many other benefits strengthens the core muscles of the body which ultimately creates beautiful posture, greater stability and symmetric alignment of the body. Pilates is complete body conditioning and serves as a prerequisite for any sporting activity.