I teach a Bhakti based vinyasa practice linking movement and breath with the ultimate goal of a moving and devotional meditation. I utilize my strong knowledge of Pilates which focuses on safety while flowing through the practice.
I believe one of yoga’s greatest gifts is in understanding that healing begins on the inside. We learn to use the asanas as a vehicle to expand ourselves and live everyday life in a more peaceful, calm and clear way. Moving through the practice, you will gain a greater understanding of how to allow the body to open, unfold, connect and just be


Proudly I am a certified Romana Pilates instructor. While there is still much confusion with the name Pilates, the story is quite simple . After joseph Pilates died in 1967 at age 87, Romana joined forces with Clara, Joseph’s wife to keep the studio operational. It was ultimately Romana who kept the studio running in New York City, hence the name Romana Pilates which still runs today under the name True pilates.
After a decade of being a client at trish garland Pilates studios, a first generation Romana trained teacher I did my teacher training at garlands studio where I currently teach today. During my training I spent time in New York City learning from several other first generational teachers at true Pilates.